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Need a website for your business?

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No matter how small your business is, a website is crucial. Unlike a social media page, a website gives you complete control over your customer’s experience.

Just Click Website Design builds beautiful & creative user friendly websites to give your business the edge. 

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Get your message across to people on the go, wherever they are – our websites don’t just look good on pc’s & laptops, they work on tablets & mobiles too. Your website is designed to automatically scale down so it views well on all platforms – Just what you want to make sure your site shows up in mobile search results.

web design london

WordPress powers millions of websites around the world and is considered the best CMS (content management system) there is.

SEO & Google friendly. It’s fast and secure with great features and functionality, as well as the option to update it yourself.

website design london

SEO (Site engine optimisation) is the foundation for ranking in Organic search ( unpaid for search results, as opposed to pay per click)

Improving content and targeting keywords and phrases help you rank higher on google and other search engines over time.

Your new website needs to be crawlable and indexed – if it’s not indexed, your site won’t show up in the search results at all.

On site seo

Creating or updating your existing branding across the board, with a unique identity to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Good branding is important because People tend to buy from brands they trust, the ones they know and recognise.

Your branding is the face of your business and how people perceive it – what they remember when they see or hear your business name or logo.

visual branding

Bringing all your social media together in one place, helping to keep your customers engaged with your website and give them a more interactive experience.

We can incorporate your news feed on your website, for up to the minute information, and link
to your various profiles to encourage follows, likes and direct conversation.

Ultimately your goal is to bring your follwers back  to your website

social media integration


Most frequent questions

A website is the virtual home of your business, where it all happens. The go-to place for anyone who needs to find information about your business quickly or purchase products. 

Even if you have premises that customers can visit, an online presence in this day and age is a must, not a maybe.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business working from home, It will give you credibility and people will assume your business is larger than it actually is. First impressions count and a good website can change the way someone sees you or your business.

Website Design London

The design, style and content of your website will showcase you and your product, service or brand effectively. In the way you want it to.  

Your website is a one-stop shop available 365 days a year – even if you’re working in your pyjamas!

Do you own Facebook? No? Well, neither do I, but I do own my website which means I have total control over it.

If you’re not paying for advertising, Facebook is free, but it’s also restrictive, and there is only so much you can do to a page or a group. It’s not the easiest platform to navigate, and searching for posts and information, can be somewhat of a maze and more than a tad frustrating.

What would you do if Facebook

  • decided to shut your page down
  • remove you from your admin status
  • You locked yourself out completely
  • or your page just disappeared?

You’re thinking those things would never happen, but they have.

Your website is always open for business

It’s worth pointing out that your page could be down for hours, days, or worse still, be permanently deleted. In short, this could have a negative inpact on your business.

It’s also worth mentioning that not everyone that follows your page will actually see your posts either – infact, only a small percentage will.

Since Facebook introduced its last algorithm, the number of people, who see your post through unpaid distribution (The organic reach), has been greatly affected.

Facebook now uses a process called ranking, which determines which posts show up in your news feed and in what order, based on what they think you are most interested in.

In a nutshell, Facebook decides who sees your content – and generally speaking, it seems that unless you pay to play through Facebook advertising and target your audience yourself, your reach is now much less than it used to be.

Ultimately a combination of organic reach and paid advertising to generate leads and drive people back home to your website, is the best way forward.

Websites start from £350. Price will depend on the content and your specifications and will be agreed upon from the outset.

You will be expected to pay a deposit for your website build, and the balance on completion. 

No, you don’t! There is a one – off fee to pay for setting up and building your website. 

The website is 100% yours .

Yes!We can add your social media links to your website.

Yes, I can show you how to make simple changes to your website.                 

Yes of course, Infact, I’d be happy to! This can be arranged on a pay as you go basis,  as and when you need my help.

Yes, for a small fee I can keep an eye on your website and make sure all is as it should be, aswell as make small changes.

The Jargon

Most frequent questions

A domain is the name you give to your website so that people can find you on the internet. e.g. ””
The hosting is the home for your website on the internet.

Website design London

A hosting provider will provide the space you need to store the files of your website to be viewed on the internet.
Without both a domain and hosting, you cannot have a website. So yes, you do need it.

In a nutshell, CMS WordPress is a fantastic application which gives you complete control over your website.

Once you have logged into your website and familiarized yourself with the editor interface, you can make the changes you want, like editing, deleting and adding content.

It is the main SEO task of finding popular words and phrases that people might enter into the search bar, to find what they are looking for – Like your website😊

Good on-site SEO helps search engines like Google interpret the content of your website. This enables the search engine to deliver the best possible results for the search term requested by the visitor in the results page.


Responsive design uses coding, which enables the website to respond to change in screen size on multiple devices. It allows the screen to shrink, move or enlarge the content so it looks good, not only on a pc and laptop but also on a tablet or mobile phone.

Your content is King! Because in the world of search engine optimization, SEO content writing is a major player.

Website design London

Without good content, your website is otherwise less likely to rank well in the organic (natural) search results in search engines such as Google.


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