Logo Design

A logo will identify and differentiate your business, service, product, or band from your opposition. The colour, the typography, image, sign or emblem will communicate key information or represent important values you may have. Your logo will be the face of whatever you are promoting. A visual that is so memorable that it reminds your clients, customers or fans who you are. Beyond that, it will trigger how others see or feel about you, the brand, the business, the product etc.

Have you ever heard of a brand called Coco Cola? Of course you have. Whether you drink it or not, the moment I mentioned the name, a picture flashed inside your head didn’t it? That is the mark of a great logo.

Business Card Design

A business card design that looks good will show you’re professional. The fact that you have paid attention to the small details of your business, shows people you take pride in your work.

There are many business card design templates available online with pre-designed logos to choose from. Any of these will adequately do the job and to be quite frank, are better than not having a business card at all.

BUT - If you really want to make a splash and leave the right impression, I can create A business card design to compliment your brand.

Cover Photos

Social media cover photos dominate the space on your page, providing great opportunity to increase engagement and views. They should capture the essence of what you are about. Include your logo, product, brand colours, a slogan and what you're offering.
Remember your cover photo is the first thing that is associated with your brand - Make sure it's good.
Get the edge on your competitors with custom graphics for your cover photos

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Social Media Graphics

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, have very high volume usage. Millions of people around the world post statuses, links and videos on a daily basis. Using social media graphics makes your posts more memorable. They spice things up and get your messages out in an interesting way.

Social media graphics boots retweets on  the mostly text based platform Twitter, by 150%

On the downside, it can be a very time-consuming method of marketing, especially when it comes to creating new ways to get peoples' attention. On the upside, the benefits are usually very rewarding!

If you'd like some custom social media graphics to increase your exposure, get in touch.

Flyer Design

Well designed, eye catching  flyers are a great, inexpensive promotional tool, and an excellent way to reach out to the local community. I know it seems as though the internet has the monopoly on advertising, but I promise you there is still plenty of room for old school advertising.

With the lack of human interaction, we now have, physically handing out flyers, adds a personal touch to your message. It allows you to spend time talking with the people you meet and engaging with them about your service or product.

Depending on the message you're promoting, you may not see results initially, but remember, a lot of people will keep the flyer handy for a rainy day.

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