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social media graphicsHassle free social media graphics for your posts

Social media graphics are an amazing way to connect with your audience. Especially when you consider the fact that 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is actually visual!

The target is to grab your follower’s attention quickly and effectively to promote yourself, your brand or awareness. There is no better way to do this, than with creative and original social media graphics. A few words combined with an appropriate picture and a few hashtags in your post are more likely to be shared, retweeted or liked through social media. We've all seen those motivational quotes on Facebook. They brighten up your day or stop you for a moment to think. People generally like them because they strike a chord. It means something to them, or it reminds them how important something is.

Life moves so fast, that we sometimes forget to take a breath, let alone find time to read lots of text! Imagine two posts with the same information. One, which gives you all the information you need in lengthy text form, the other that gives you all the information at a glance, through a picture and quick fire text. Which would grab your attention? It’s a fact that visually appealing content is more shareable than any other content on the internet, attracting more “likes” and “followers.”

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Which means a single image is capable of conveying complex information simply. You can deliver data and analysis together with graphic design, in an easy to digest infographic. Mundane information displayed in a dynamic graphic, give the reader an interesting visual experience, and hopefully a memorable and lasting impression.

Finding interesting things to post and creating social media graphics can be very time consuming. It’s a job in itself, especially if you are posting regularly and don’t have any marketing campaigns on the go. As we all know, it’s important to keep the flow going and remind people you’re still there. If you have a creative in your team that can dedicate themselves to this task, that’s terrific. If you don’t, it could be time to delegate if you don’t want to get bogged down with hours working on your posts!

Just Click Website Design can take the hassle away by creating social media graphics for you. Whether you want to communicate information, motivate, keep your presence or just post something funny in a single or series of graphics.

Please get in touch and we can discuss exactly what your needs are and create the right social media graphics for you.

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