Website Design FAQ

What is a Domain and Hosting - Do I need it?

A domain is the name you give to your website so that people can find you on the internet. eg. ""

The hosting is the home for your website on the internet. A hosting provider will provide the space you need to store the files of your website to be viewed on the internet.

Without both a domain and hosting, you can not have a website. So yes you do need it.

What is a CMS website?

CMS stands for content management system. It helps you to manage the content on your website, without any additional software.

Once you have logged into your website and familiarized yourself with the editor interface, you can make the changes you want, like editing, deleting and adding content.

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Responsive design uses coding, which enables the website to respond to the change in screen size on multiple devices.

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In order to find the best search terms that your visitors may use to find your website, it is necessary to do some keyword research.

When for example you were looking for this website, you may have typed into your browser, " website design for small businesses"
website design for small businesses are keywords.

Good on-site SEO helps search engines like Google interpret the content of your website. This enables the search engine to deliver the best possible results for the search term requested by the visitor in the results page.

In order to rank higher on search engines and in turn get more unique visitors, it is necessary to optimize all your web pages.

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Your content is King!  In the world of search engine optimization, SEO content writing is a major player.
Without it, your website is less likely to rank well in the organic (natural) search results in Google.

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No, you don't!

Websites start from £350. Price will depend on the content and your specifications and will be agreed upon from the outset.

You own the website.

Yes, I can show you the basics to edit, delete and add content for a small charge.

That's entirely up to you. If you have the time to do it, you can, or for a small fee I can keep an eye on it, update the software and make regular back ups.

Yes of course, I'd be happy to. This can be arranged on a pay as you go basis. As and when you need my help.

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